About Kirsten


Hey, I’m Kirsten. I have spent most of my life in Newcastle, with some travels overseas but always returning home. I met my husband Ryan here {on a blind date, and yes ask me when we meet I’m happy to share the story!} and both our kids Zara and Xavier where born here.
After Za was born I picked up a camera, she was my everything and I wanted to capture her every waking moment. And its here my passion began documenting our family story, and now I get to help others do the same.
Some days are spent in my warm toasty studio with fresh newborn baby, documenting first smiles, wrinkly skin, that moment a mum picks up her littlest love and breaths in the newborn smell, the smile that says she wants to bottle that love forever…
Other days are spent chasing kids in circles at the beach, playing hi 5 and back again, asking them who has the stinkiest feet in the house, and why their dads hugs & night time stories are the best. Sharing a little bit of them with a little bit of me…
I love my family, they are my world. They are crazy but they are mine. Life is hectic and I love it that way. My friends would tell you I can talk {a lot}, Im an open book, what you see is what you get, but I’m a true friend…
No matter what or who my days are spent with, spending them together making memories, sharing lives, enables me to share my passion with you…

I hope I get to meet you soon!
Kirsten xo

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Ps.. Love my fun headshots from my friend Michelle at Little Kite Photography